Buried in beans and amaranth – beginning of September update


The garden at the beginning of September with the household berry monster at the raspberries.

In the last week my amaranth and beans had to be harvested – the two crops are my main plan for winter eating so I’d planted what I thought was a reasonable amount. Well… the amaranth decided to do well this year giving me twice as much as I’d expected. Good news except I didn’t have enough containers to harvest it all before rains were predicted. I got the orange amaranth in, then the rains came. My black amaranth got harvested a couple days later. A kind local farmer let me come over and clean my amaranth with her gear – in future if I’m going to keep growing this amount or more, I’ll need to come up with my own way to clean the grains. I think they look rather pretty.


Black amaranth as clean as I could get it considering it was slightly damp


Orange amaranth – sadly it was the plant that was orange not the grain.

Next up was my beans and I was a week late in harvesting them – so I’ve lost a fair amount to rot. Here’s what we’ve cleaned so far:


Beans in baskets drying. There has be enough for a family of three for a year there.


More beans drying.


More beans drying in the greenhouse


Popcorn drying.


Brussels sprouts growing


Kale for winter


One of my sunflowers.

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