beginning of August update


I actually took this picture on 1 Aug 2016.

We are now in my favourite time of year – late summer to early fall. Most meals now contain home grown veggies from broccoli to tomatoes. And for the first time I’m getting enough cucumbers at the same time to make pickles. Soon I’ll be able to harvest my many varieties of dried beans.


Here’s a view of my front ‘lawn’. A neighbour asked me what my secret is … horse shit. We spread a load over the area early spring.


My onion and shallot harvest – I’m not really sure which is which, but they all look good.


Purple rain beans (named after the song) ready to start drying down.


Some of the last of my tasty summer broccoli. I’m letting them flower now with the hope of collecting seeds for next year.


Baby Brussels sprouts forming. They should be purple and hopefully tasty.


Green zebra tomatoes


Hot peppers


Self-seeded black amaranth heading for orbit


Popcorn in the sun

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