Beginning of July Garden Update


Here’s the back yard. Sadly, the raspberries are almost done for this year – but I spotted the first blackberry changing colour this morning.

Everything is growing! This year I’m growing lots of normal stuff, like potatoes, cucumbers and lettuce, and some oddities, like masha, chuffa, and job’s tears.


Here’s a view of my new front bed safely behind the deer proof fence 2.0. It contains brassicas, beans, corn, amaranth, and sunflowers.


Cabbage is cabbaging


Hot peppers in the greenhouse are coming!


Purple tomatillos – also in the greenhouse. I also have an assortment of tomatoes on the way both in the greenhouse and outside.


My four stevia plants are trying to take over the world. Most of what’s here is in the dehydrator right now.


My chamomile is flowering – now I just have to figure out when to harvest it to dry to tea.


Pretty shiso – some of which I’ve already fermented.


Onions are looking good.


Black amaranth in the back. I’ve also planted an orange variety in the front.


A chuffa plant in the food forest.


Job’s tears – they look healthy, but I’m wondering when they are going to flower.


Here’s an awesome combo that’s sprung up in a newly planted part of the back – toad flax, valerian and random kale.

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