February Garden Update


This time of year the garden turns into a monster mud pit as we aren’t far off the clay base and the water just stays – which is why we have raised beds. Our chicken tractor has seen better days so I hope we’ll get a more permanent home built for the hens over the summer (The coop we build is the type of coop that one builds when company is coming and chickens are living in the guest bathroom). Check out the bones of my new greenhouse.

I think I’m finally escaping my January blahs and a little extra light has brought new growth to the garden (perhaps the two are related). I’ve got big plans for this year, including finishing the greenhouse, a watering system and a new chicken coop – plus extending the front garden to take over much of our front lawn. I’ve also had enough with weed-wacking around the raised planters, so I’m finally going to get wood chips down.

Garlic has emerged

Garlic has emerged


The collards are putting on new growth (as is the kale)


So far, the chard has survived the winter

and there is corn salad too

and there is corn salad too


In the event of an unexpected apocalypse, there is plenty of purple dead nettles to eat (or I could just feed them to the hens).


Once, over five years ago, I planted borage – now it comes up all over the place (I even spotted some of it already blooming in the front). The flowers are pretty in salads and the birds and bees like it.


Last year I added two goji plants – now they’re getting ready to take over the world.


and finally, a pretty shot of some calendula that never stopped blooming.


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