October garden update


Garden at the beginning of October – I really need to mow!

What happened to September? I feel like I missed a month!

Rain finally came. After the first bout one of my tomato plants dropped dead. I’ve not had a blight problem in the past and don’t know if blight killed that plant, but I decided not to risk it and pulled out all my tomatoes. Green tomatoes came inside and all the plants have gone to the city compost (I didn’t want to risk putting them in my home compost). I’ve frozen bags and bags of chopped tomatoes and pickled all the green cherry tomatoes. I even made a batch of homemade ketchup and tried a tomato ferment (it failed).


My first attempt at growing celeriac – it looks like a mass is forming at the soil line.

My winter greens are up and thriving, I’ve already been harvesting as much as I can use. Depending on how cold our winter gets, I may be harvesting plenty all winter. In the past I’ve gotten as much kale and collards as I want, and if it is warm I may get chard and lettuce.


I have fantastic carrots this year.

Greenhouse construction is still underway. I’m excited to have a new type of space to experiment growing in.


Here is the skeleton of the greenhouse my wonderful husband has been building for me. That isn’t the final location, we are going to move it to the back corner near the pine tree.


My strawberry plants are still going strong, but they no longer taste good.


I’m making some changes to the raised beds. I’m turning them into keyhole beds and leaving more room to weed wack. It will be a slow process and I’ll get to it when I have time and weather cooperates.


My oca should be working on producing tubers now that days are getting shorter. I won’t harvest until frost kill the plants – maybe November?


My tea plant is blooming, I should be able to harvest tea next spring.


And finally, my mint flowers are looking very pretty.

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