Introducing UF-1510

P1090420My significant other/ co-conspirator and I were brainstorming while sipping coffee in bed this morning (it was a rare morning our household little person slept until 7am). What to call our mirco-farm was the topic. It seems urban farms are often named like the local to me Mason Street Farm or the further afield Moonlight Micro-Farm or the Micro Farm Project. There is even the awesome Garden Pool project.

I think we’ve crossed a line between gardening and really small scale farming this year as we are now producing a significant amount of our own food on our urban lot. Currently, food production is mostly contained in the backyard, but expanding in both physical space and in taking over this blog. I spend much of my free time working the soil, thinking about what to grow, photographing vegetables and writing about my efforts. So, I’ve concluded that my food producing project should have a name, but what?

It’s no secret I’m a science fiction fan with a fascination with both real and imaginary biodomes. Plants grown in space are right up my alley, be it lettuce grown on the real ISS or forests preserved in space in the B-movie Silent Running. I’m also drawn to names with numbers in them like the local brewery Category 12 or the TV show Warehouse 13. I was recently drawn to the novel Station Eleven at the bookstore for the same reason (since it was set in a post-apocalyptic world I bought it and it turned out to be awesome).

We threw around ideas for almost an hour. We take turns making coffee at 6 am mostly because I have delusions that I’ll productively use the time to write or exercise – I almost never do. UF-1510 is what we settled on, where UF stands for urban farm. I was sooooo tempted to go with urban farm operation, but decided that was going a bit too far and I reserve the right to change my mind on the name at any time.

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