Beginning of September Garden Update


The grass is getting green again – I’ll have to weed wack around them soon.

The harvest has begun big time around here, my high calorie crops are starting to be brought in. Although summer isn’t technically over for a few weeks, it feels over – fortunately fall is my favorite time of year.

In the last few days we’ve turned a weather corner back to rain, technically I do live in a rain forest so it is rain we desperately need. I suspect it’ll get warm again in the fall, but my tomatoes plants couldn’t deal with the rain so I went out last night and brought in all the green tomatoes and pulled out the plants. I left the cherry tomato plants as they seemed to be fairing better. My dining room table has taken on it’s seasonal roll as a produce counter filled with drying beans and ripening tomatoes. I get a weird pleasure just looking at the abundance there.

To update our household wasp trapping – my husband took down the trap and counted them. Since we are science-y around here, it didn’t surprise me at all he wanted to sit down and count them. So the tally is: 875 wasps caught in about a month. I’m amazed there were that many visiting our deck! Now, there must be a few empty nests around. We also caught 3 bald-faced hornets, at about twice the size of a wasp and twice as aggressive they make particularly nasty visitors. Sadly, a honey bee got caught – I assume the bee got caught up with the wrong crowd.

In other news, I harvested my first ever ripe melon last night – it was amazing!


Rain drops on the leeks


Shungiku an edible chrysanthemum enjoying the moisture – these are surprisingly tasty and make a great winter green, plus they are pretty when I forget about them and they flower


My oca is turning into a very well behaved plant as it hasn’t sprawled into other plant’s space. With the decreasing daylight hours, the oca should start setting tubers. Harvest will be later this fall.


This is ‘king of the north’ sweet pepper – I should be able to harvest these soon. I’ve already harvested baskets of hot peppers.


This is a ‘Mexican sour gherkin’ – technically not a cucumber, but closely related to them. I procrastinated planting these, so they are only just starting to fruit. They are fantastic, a single bite of lemony-cucumber goodness.


I’m optimistic my cherry tomatoes will keep producing for a while yet.

2 thoughts on “Beginning of September Garden Update

  1. Wonderful photos of your lovely garden produce! I’m afraid that my oca has taken up a lot of garden space, more than allocated, but it is my first time growing it, and I am wildly excited about it. Lovely blog writing.

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