August garden update


Garden on the first of August.

The arrival of August meant I took a week off, went camping and did a lot of nothing. The garden is currently at its peak producing more tomatoes than we can eat – the easy solution is to give some away and freeze some. I’m currently pondering making ketchup (I’ve made it in the past, homemade ketchup is fantastic).  I also have an abundance of basil, so I’m trying my hand at fermenting some to save it for winter tastiness. And soon I’ll be buried in hot peppers.


The original plan was to build a greenhouse over my beds of peppers, melons and eggplants. We’ve just started greenhouse construction, but the hot weather has meant I’ll still get a fantastic eggplant harvest.


Soon there will be melons to eat!


These little lanterns are cape gooseberries that aren’t ready yet. We’ve done well with our berry production this summer – even considering the raccoons keep eating the ripe strawberries. We’ve had berries to eat since May, currently we are on to blackberries and ground cherries. Soon, cape gooseberries.


This is a flower from my tepary beans – pods have formed, so we may get a few (these beans like Arizona style heat, so they were the least likely to do well in my yard). I’m having mixed results with my bean growing experiments, when I harvest I’ll post my results. Unfortunately, the beans I’m growing in my front yard have been heavily munched on by deer – so I’m not optimistic what’s left will produce much. On a positive note, many of my other beans are doing great.


Above ground the oca appears to be thriving – they won’t start forming tubers until the days get shorter. It will be a while yet until I can dig and see how they’ve performed.


Magenta spreen, a heat loving green, is doing well for me and is awfully pretty. I’m also growing New Zealand spinach as a summer green, it’s growing well but I don’t like it. I’ve been harvesting armloads to feed to the chickens. My final heat loving green is Malabar spinach, which has been really slow to get growing.


Winter greens have been planted. I’ve shaded them mostly to prevent the seedlings from drying out too much. There is kale, collards, mustard greens, chard and chicories in here. I also have a bed of leeks, carrots and beets happily growing.


Finally, here is a shot of my garden helper hard at work.

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