Garden at the beginning of July


The backyard – my neighbour cut down one of the old plum trees behind the fence, so now we have a view of his garage. I’ve already started a replacement plum for that corner.

It’s gotten hot here – if I didn’t know better I’d think it was the beginning of August. We’ve already been eating tomatoes, two weeks earlier than last year. I’m also now irrigating and mulching everything extensively – my next water bill is likely to be scary.


My wild type tomato – one of two varieties that are already ready to eat


A blue tomato, its not ripe yet. It is interesting that the tomatoes are already pigmented, in fact, the whole plant has this purple tint.


The bean are heading to the sky! I took this picture two days ago and since then they have reached the top of their support and beyond.


My super productive lettuce bed is starting to bolt.


My raspberries and tayberries are done – next up, blackberries!


Here is a view of the front food forest, deer have been an issue, which I think we’ve finally solved. The poppies and nigela volunteered and are looking really pretty. All the trees and bushes are putting on new growth. By next year, this area will be looking lush.


My token grain crop – amaranth.


Unfortunately, the deer snacked on next spring’s broccoli – I think it will recover and be just fine.


Scarlett runner beans on the deck.

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