Garden at the beginning of March


The garden at the beginning of March. I’ve planted Asian greens in the cold frame which have already sprouted while the chard and parsley already there are doing great. In the first bed my chives are growing like mad (which is a good thing around here).

Our unseasonably warm weather has resulted in a lot of growth in the garden – some good, some bad.


The new growth on the raspberries is looking good.


While the kale is getting ready to flower – about a month earlier than other years. I can eat the buds just like broccoli, but I’m disappointed to have my kale harvest end sooner than usual.


I have all sorts of flowers blooming right now – very pretty!


My garden villains are out in full force. I wish garter snakes would move in and help out with slug control. Might put some thought into creating some good snake habitat.


4 thoughts on “Garden at the beginning of March

  1. Your lovely garden is well ahead from ours here in West Cork. However, there are some signs of growth here and there.

  2. I came to your blog from post last year about “Getting Kids Out in Nature” & the “Child’s Play” article on the Royal BC Museum. So much good stuff! I hope you discover how to create the ideal garter snake habitat!

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