The garden on February first


An early iris in the rain

Things are starting to happen in the garden – especially since it has been unseasonably warm. Currently, the broad beans are growing faster than the slugs are eating them, who knows, I might get to eat some broad beans. The garlic is up and the chives seem to have grown a few millimeters every time I look at them – in about a month they’ll be ready to start harvesting.

There are tones of greens yet to eat – perhaps I planted too much. Kale, wintercress, chicory, mache, spinach and mizuna are ready to harvest. For a third year in a row, something has eaten my radicchio before I could so I might not bother growing them again.

In the cold frame chard and parsley are re-growing (the frost in December almost did them in). Unfortunately, all my cilantro in the cold frame has been eaten by slugs, however inside I already have the next batch well on its way.


Garden on the first of February 2015. Yes the raspberry supports are falling over – I’ll have to do something about that soon.


The last of the parsnips – 3 kg worth.


It won’t be long until I can harvest broccoli – I like the types that are ready early spring because they tend to be bug free.


I finally planted the Egyptian onion


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