Garden at the beginning of December


The snow is mostly gone – I expect it will be a memory by tomorrow. I always think the garden looks a little sad this time of year.

According to the weather forecast, our cold snap should abate returning us to seasonal temperatures. Since it is an El Nino year we may end up with a warmer than usual year – or not. Most of what had left in the garden has handled the below freezing temperatures with the exception of some arugula and edible chrysanthemum (this is the first time I’ve grown the edible chrysanthemum and I’ve been really enjoying the mild, juicy greens). My celery might also be finished which isn’t a surprise as I wasn’t expecting it to over winter. The leeks, parsnips, kale, broccoli and chicory are all looking great.


The wintercress is looking fabulous (I guess that is why it’s called wintercress) and I’m getting used to its pepper flavour.


On the advice of an elderly gentleman I chatted with in the feed store, I planted broad beans to over winter. He said sometimes they make it and give a really early harvest. The black, withered leaves makes my think this is not the year I’ll get early broad beans.


In the cold frame parsley is taking over.


I’m optimistic my chard in the garden has made it. There is also chard in the cold frame that is looking quite happy.


The hens were not impressed with the cold.


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