A tale of a potentially irregular newsletter and some other stuff

I love the juxtaposition between a low-tech tool (the plastic circle template) and a high-tech tool (a fancy tablet) – and that happens to be early stages of my cover for Day 115 on an Alien World
(Photo by Ian Rooke-Hanke)

I’ve decided to start an irregular newsletter.

On that note, I’ve taken the widget for subscribing to this blog down and will replace it with a widget for my newsletter sign up. This shouldn’t change anything for those of you who’ve already subscribed to my blog, you’ll still get posts sent to your inbox as I put them up and you won’t get my newsletter unless you subscribe to it (but please subscribe as I’ve got a lot of good things planned).

I’ve been researching how indie authors market their books and the best tool appears to be writing a newsletter. On mine I’ll be including a summary of what I’ve been putting up on my blog (and I will continue to blog about things that interest me), other interesting stuff I stumble upon (like space ships deliberately crashed into Saturn), updates on my fiction including potentially some short stories and other fiction-related giveaways, and some suggestions for other indie fiction (I won’t suggest anything I haven’t read).

If you’re interested please sign up!

On to some news.

I’ve had the opportunity to release Day 115 on an Alien World up on Radish Fiction. If you haven’t heard of Radish, it’s a mobile device app for serialized fiction. Since my smartphone is only a small step from a clay tablet, I had to ask a friend to download the app so I could check it out. Three are a lot of stories to read, especially if you are on the go and don’t have an ereader – the stories on Radish do lean towards romance. My book is listed under science fiction and 10 chapters are already up, with new chapters coming out three times a week.

I’ve also started putting my story up on Wattpad (another place for serialized fiction and it’s all free).

In other writing news, working with a friend, I have another novel approaching completion – Deep Trouble; A Cal and Emma Adventure. We’re planning on putting it out as an ebook in the coming months. I’d do a whole post on it soon. Just as a teaser, Deep Trouble is a fun action adventure tale where an oceanographer and engineer save the world.

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  1. Love the picture! And I’m interested in the interesting stuff you have planned for your newsletter — I want to poach. As for spaceships crashing into Saturn, I’ve decided the technical term is ‘intentionally deorbited’.

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