more beans and a mystery


The new beans, from left to right: Granos de la Herencia, Victory, and Cubaces

The other day I sent some of my ‘Tiger Eye’ and ‘Blue Jay’ beans to work with my husband for him to pass on to a couple of his co-workers. Well, they sent some beans back for me to grow next spring. So, I’ll be adding ‘Victory’, ‘Cubaces’ and ‘Granos de la Herencia’ to my beany collection.


A close-up of the Victory bean’s markings – my geek filter must be on because I see Serenity.

The Victory beans were brought to Victoria from Poland – and with a name like that I’m sure they have a fascinating story behind them. The red markings on white are quite unique, to some it looks like an eagle, but when I squint I see Serenity from the old Firefly TV series. I now have 10 bush beans to attempt to grow into enough for a meal or two.

The other two types of beans were bought back from a recent trip to Costa Rica. The tiny Granos de la Herencia is a common bean and should be a bush type. Cubaces is in the scarlet runner family, so I’m assuming it will need some growing support. Can’t wait to try all of them.


Mystery seeds and the envelope they came in.

In other seedy news, a family member dropped off an envelope with two seeds in it. Best guess is that these seeds are about 50 years old, so I doubt they’ll grow – but I’ll try any way. All I can make out on the package is that they need lots of sunshine. My best guess these are watermelon seeds, any better ideas on their identity?


A close-up of the mystery seeds



One thought on “more beans and a mystery

  1. I can see Serenity…wait, you could make millions. Sell it on ebay.
    Re the other seeds, I was curious and did a quick google search — is there any possibility that they are sponge melon (aka luffa) seeds? They don’t look quite the same as the images online, but it looks like the envelope says ‘sponge’ (it’s hard for me to decipher non-chicken scratch), not sure what the first word says though.

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