Introducing Licorice and Stout


Licorice the hen

My Sunday morning began with a trip to collect two new hens. I went with pullets (hens who are old enough to start laying eggs) this time. As cute as chicks are, they are messy and take a lot of work. My husband is clearly longing for fall beers since he suggested Licorice and Stout as names. They’re just an industrial cross, not a quaint heritage type.

Right now, the two new hens are relaxing in an un-used rabbit hutch, tonight they’ll go in with the flock (Butter, Kung-pow, Salt and Pepper). Hopefully, in the morning the hens will all wake up and assume the two new ones were always there.


Stout, the other hen

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  1. Jenn, I’m wondering if Kung-pow is the mean chicken and if she’s scheduled to be Kung-pow chicken in the kitchen. I had a good laugh at the name. Love, Mom


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