This year’s beans


My common beans

In the spirit of my ongoing garden experiment these are the beans I’ve planted. From left to right: Tiger Eye (from the library, I posted about them here), Ireland Creek Annie (seeds from here), Trail of Tears (seeds from here), Snow Cap (seeds from here), and Mayacoba/Limon (seeds from here) and Blue Jay (a green bean given to me from a friend). Common beans don’t cross readily, so they can be sown reasonable close together and still be saved for seed. Mine are all roughly three meters apart in my backyard, the front yard, and in my parent’s garden. I’ve not tasted any of these, so I’m hoping they are good.


The other beans

I’ve also planted an assortment of other beans (see above) – from left to right: Blue Speckled Tepary Bean (seeds from here), Lady Pea Cow Pea (seeds from here), Black Jet Soy Bean (seeds from here) and Winnifred’s Garbanzo (seeds from here). Since these beans are all in different families, I don’t have to worry about crossing. Both the tepary beans and cow peas are a risk this far north as they came from a seed company very south of me. I’ve read that they like hot, dry climates so I’ll just have to wait and see how they do.

I’ve also planted Scarlett Runner Beans that I had in my seed stash for some time and red lentils I bought from a local farm. I did a germination check on the red lentils and I like them so why not plant them?