my imperfect world


Kale flowers in the morning sun

We were ready to go a few minutes early this morning. My toddler’s sleep has really stabilized lately, allowing me to get the sleep I need – my whole world is better when I don’t feel like I’m dragging myself about in a sleep deprived haze. With the extra time, we went outside to see the chickens. The sun was just hitting the yard giving each leaf a rim of gold. The new growth looked almost magical in the light.

I still have a few beds full of last year’s plantings. I wasn’t fast enough harvesting kale buds so now my kale is now offering up their yellow flowers to the sun. I’ve been taking my time pulling up the plants because the flowers are so cheerful and I hope, by providing early food for the bees, the yard will get marked on their foraging maps. My broad beans are just starting to set out their pods – mostly they have won their winter race to grow faster than the slugs could eat them (my early peas lost that race).

In the golden early morning sun, my daughter and I stood by the purple sprouting broccoli munching on the crisp buds – a moment that felt perfect. Looking I saw the crumpled remnants one of my favourite red and yellow tulips in her other hand and remembered I prefer my imperfect world.


My pretty tulips – one of the few plants I grow just because they are pretty (I can see them while working in my office)