Garden on the first of April (no fooling)


The back garden on a rather grey morning. The grass is getting long, but I can’t mow it yet as it is still rather mucky in a monster mud pit kinda way.

There is lots of activity starting in the garden – garlic and chives (I’ve been harvesting these for a while) are already well on their way. My winter greens are bolting; the kale, collards, corn salad, parsley and wintercress are all about to flower. I’ve started lots of lettuce and mustard greens which are doing great. Unfortunately, my early peas have been decimated by slugs, I’ll have to start more this weekend. Here are some pictures:


It looks like the overwintered broad beans are a success – they have out grown the slugs and are now flowering.


The ramsons I was given last year are now up – I’m not going to harvest any this year to grow a bigger patch. I’ll be moving these to my food forest in the fall.


The alpine strawberries are flowering


There are more mushrooms to harvest


The asparagus I planted this year is putting up shoots – my first food plant (ie not tree or bush) in my new food forest. It will be a few years until I get a harvest.