what’s for dinner


Home grown mushrooms!

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time writing code for a project I’m working on. So far, I’ve proven to myself that although I can write code that works eventually, my coding efforts always turn into long hunts for misplaced commas (or some other single character). It’s frustrating. So, after a couple hours of this frustration I popped outside to find something for dinner and look what is ready to harvest… shiitake mushrooms!!! I bought what looked like a plastic bag of sawdust in February at our local seedy-Saturday (it was an awesome, I’ll definitely be going in future years). The bag went outside and got ignored, now it is bursting with mushrooms. Here’s a close-up:


a mushroomy close-up

I’ve tried growing mushrooms several times before and produced nothing but rotten substrate. So I’m surprised this time was successful so quickly. I’m looking forward to eating them. I think I’ll stir fry up the mushrooms with garlic and my purple broccoli. Hopefully, I’ll get a second crop.


Purple sprouting broccoli, which my two year old claims tastes ‘sooooo gooooood’ – I’ve clearly corrupted her.