The out sourced squash harvest


the outsourced squash harvest – the vast majority are spaghetti squash

I seem to be challenged when it comes to growing winter squash*. This year, out of three plants, one delicata and two acorn squash, there is only one, misshapen squash to harvest – unfortunately this is on par with my previous years harvests. Winter squash are great and store well, so I’d be disappointed with my harvest, except this year I out sourced my squash production to my parent’s garden. They are downsizing their gardening efforts, so have lots of space for sprawling vines. I passed on seeds for butternut, baby blue hubbard (I think) and spaghetti squash.

My dad said he planted three of each type of squash. He lined up the harvest in the picture. Clearly the spaghetti squash outdid the rest. Three plants produced 112 squash, or roughly 37 per plant – that’s insane!

It looks like we’ll be having spaghetti squash for dinner several times a week until next spring and giving many away.

* lemon cucumbers on the other hand are no problem, currently one plant is giving me billions of them. They don’t pickle well and they are overrunning my other cucumbers. Lemon cucumbers might not make my planting list next year.