My brain has been full

Remember the Calvin and Hobbs cartoon where Calvin asks his teacher if he can go home because his brain is full? I feel just like that. For months, my focus has been on preparing for the candidacy exam part of my PhD. The oral exam loomed in front of me like an oversized camper on a narrow road. The other side felt impossibly far away. Then exam day came and went. I passed. That was about a week ago, a week I’ve taken off.

I had planned on reading the stack of un-read books that I’ve collected, I’ve started four and finished none (I tend to read multiple books at once). I thought I would write the interesting blog posts that have been cluttering my mind – nope, haven’t written anything. Mostly, I’ve puttered in the garden and reconnected with friends. My brain has been full.

So with nothing interesting to write about, here are some pictures of flowers in my garden:


Nemophila menziesii ‘baby blue eyes’ – I have a thing for blue flowers


Borage – I planted these four years ago and they have self seeded ever since.


A gift form my folks – I don’t know what this is.


Purple poppies – seeds came from my mother-in-law


The household little person has been out into the garden as well.