a few random tidbits


well-aged bird tags

Like the bird collection I recently went to have a look at in a nearby museum, I’ve been amassing an collection. Instead of preserved birds, my collection is electronic information. Here are a few links from my collection:

A few years ago, when I was stuck in Iqaluit on our way further north to conduct some field work, I went to dinner with a colleague. On the menu was Greenland Halibut – her study animal. She was torn on weather or not to try it. I had no idea at the time that eating one’s study animal to try it is a ‘thing’ (plus I study salt water). This scientist, had an opportunity to try lionfish, her study animal, which she found to be tasty. Greenland Halibut turned out also to be tasty – not surprising as there is a commercial fishery for it.

My adventurist other-half posted about some of his field work here.

A new material for solar panels (one from my brother-in-law).

I love the colour birds, insects and fish (there is even one mammal that does this too) get from iridescence. Iridescent colours can be seen in the sky too – here’s a post about it from Bad Astronomy.